Awesome Sauce Music Friday

Awesome Sauce Music Friday! You’re Lucky to Be Here At All Edition

Good day! Are you ready to rock? No? Well get ready! The beat waits for no one!

Look, I know you’re unimaginably young, but you must be familiar with Monty Python. I refuse to believe otherwise. In their last movie, The Meaning of Life, there is featured a song about the universe. It’s called, appropriately, “The Universe Song” (aka “The Galaxy Song.”) It’s a delight, and I totally reserve the right to use it in future Awesome Sauce Music posts.

As fate – or the BBC – would have it, the song has been rewritten to be about biology. Oh sure, it’s just a teaser for Brian Cox’s Wonders of Life, but who cares? Eric Idle is singing! Brian Cox is almost sacrificed to a lion! Sharks! Just watch, listen, and enjoy.

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