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Behind the Scenes at TSHQ: Teen Hobbit

We here at Teen Skepchick are spread across the globe. Because of that, we don’t get a lot of one-on-one time. But every couple of weeks we get together on Skype to chat and plan posts. (I mean, the magic that is TS doesn’t just happen.) Often during this bi-weekly meeting Ali will casually mention something amazing she’s done, like taking a trip to Greece or LARPing camp.* And then some days the conversation takes a weird turn:

Eddy: Your life is abnormally exciting

Ali: Mine? …. yeah

Mindy: Ali’s life is abnormally exciting. I just want to sit at her feet so she can tell me stories of her adventures.

Mindy: She’s our Bilbo Baggins.

Eddy: hahaha

Eddy: I want this to happen.

Ali: … um… but why?

Mindy: WHY NOT?

Ali: Also, I’m too short to let anyone sit at my feet.

Ali: It would be silly.

Melanie: That only proves that you are, in fact, Bilbo Baggins.

Mindy: We’d get you a very high chair.

Ali: Like a bar stool?

Mindy: Only much more grand so it matches your stories.

Ali: But I have tiny pixie feet.

Ali: So I cannot be a hobbit.

Eddy: Do you have hair on the soles?

Melanie: OK, so the descendant of Hobbit and Pixie. Still works.

Mindy: Haha true. I didn’t say Ali is Bilbo Baggins. I said she’s OUR Bilbo Baggins. It’s a title. I guess.

Ali: … nope. I have slightly fuzzy toes, though. But this is a weird conversation.

Eddy: That’s exactly what a hobbit pretending not to be a hobbit would say.

Melanie: Teen Hobbit

Ali: … I’m not a hobbit.

Later, in that same Skype chat:

Ali: I am not a hobbit. I’m a mountain pixie.

Mindy: Haha nope. I think you’re a hobbit.

Melanie: Maybe you’re both. Screw the hobbit/pixie binary!

Eddy: Well, hobbits are halflings, maybe you’re half mountain pixie.

Ali: But.. they’re different species. That’s not how species work…

Melanie: And . . . we have a Darwin Day post, Middle Earth style.

Mindy: Hahah!

Eddy: If Klingons can breed with humans anything is possible.

Eddy: Screw you, biology.

Beccy: One does not simply… mate a hobbit with a mountain pixie.

To be clear, we love Ali, hobbit or not. She’s a good sport.

Disclaimer: No hobbits or mountain pixies were harmed in the making of this post.

*I don’t know if LARPing camp is a thing, but if it is I bet Ali has been at some point.

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  1. February 4, 2013 at 8:03 pm —

    For the record, it was not technically a LARPing camp, mostly because I was like 10 at the time. It was a program called Renaissance Adventures (which yes, I did go look up, and which is happily still running, because it was awesome).
    And I’m still not a hobbit.

    • February 4, 2013 at 8:56 pm —

      You’re protesting an awful lot to *not* be a hobbit, Ali. Just sayin’…
      Is there an age limit for this Renaissance Adventures camp thingy? If not, I know someone who would be interested. (Hint: It’s me.)

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