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Speak Your Mind: Cosplaya

As many of you probably know, SkepchickCON, Skepchick’s fun and science-filled con, is held every year at CONvergence. CONvergence is a sci-fi/fantasy con with lots of awesome cosplay. The 2013 theme for the con is British Invasion. What luck! I thought. Teen Skepchick has a couple of writers from the UK. Maybe I can pester them into coming. So for the past seven months I’ve been trying to plant the idea in their minds. I’d say things like, “You know, you should really go to CONvergence this year.” I think they might have caught on to my scheme.

Why am I telling you this? You see, I made a deal with Beccy. (She may not remember the deal, but I do.) She said that if she comes, I have to cosplay.

Oooooh nooooooo. I’m not a cosplayer. I go to Renaissance Festivals, but I do not dress up. I go to a few cons, but I do not dress up. Sorry, I’m just not self-assured enough to pull it off. Beccy has not said whether she intends to attend CONvergence this year or not, but a deal is a deal and I need to be prepared. That is where you come in.

My requirements:

  • Nothing too difficult. There is no way I have the time or the skill to pull off a costume the caliber of Slave Leo. Ideally, I’d be able to buy the pieces in a store, and even more ideally, I’d be able to wear the individual pieces again. What? I’m not made of gold doubloons!
  • Must. Be. British. I mean, that’s the theme.
  • Gender-bending is cool. But no Sexy Marvin the Manically Depressed Robot (or similar), please.
  • Nothing too hot. CONvergence is in the middle of summer. Yeah, sure, it’s in the Twin Cities, but it can get hot up there.

That’s basically it. The front runner in my mind a this point is Coraline. I love that story, in the book she’s British, and I want to dye my hair blue. But I’m open to suggestions.

What do you think I should cosplay as? Do you have any ideas for how I can do it on the cheap? What are some of your favorite costume?

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  1. February 20, 2013 at 1:16 pm —

    Yes! Coraline!

    Now who can we convince to be the Other Mother?

    • February 20, 2013 at 8:11 pm —

      In fact, I’m rewatching Coraline right now to get costume ideas. I’ll need to get a dragon fly barrette…

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