ScienceOnlineTeen Uses the Web to Communicate Science

If you’ll be in or around New York City in mid-April and are super into science, there’s a new conference you might be interested in.

ScienceOnlineTeen isn’t really like a lot of the other conferences out there. The goal is to explore using online tools to communicate science. (Full Disclosure: The organizer of this conference asked Skepchick and Teen Skepchick to participate, which we were unable to do. But an awesome con is an awesome con.) Hey, as a reader of Teen Skepchick, you must be down with that! According to their website:

Scientists, science filmmakers, science writers, and media experts will be mingling with students and teachers. The goal of the conference is to build connections between students & teachers and the online scientific community and discuss how new media is changing the world of science. The conference is informal and based on conversations, not presentations. So participants will interact during the entire event.  Teens will moderate the sessions and ensure that the topics are teen-driven and teen-focused.

Come on, world! Why is all this cool stuff happening now that I’m old? *grumble*

But, unfortunately, this isn’t about me. It’s about you. Check out some of these awesome participants:

  • Hilary Mason, co-founder of HackNY
  • Beth Beck, NASA’s Human Exploration and Operations Outreach Manager
  • Henry Reich, creator of Minute Physics
  • Allie Wilkinson, creator of This is What a Scientist Looks Like
  • Charles Q. Choi, science journalist

Among many, many others. It looks amazing. I wish I could go. (East coasters have all the luck.) So mark your calendars for April 13, 2013. It looks like a blast.

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