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It’s evidently easier to almost get into the conclave than I thought. In fact, some schmoe called Ralph Napierski almost did it. According to CNN:

Meet Ralph Napierski, a German self-declared bishop who reportedly called himself “Basilius,” said he was with the nonexistent “Italian Orthodox Church” and set out to infiltrate a Monday meeting of cardinals at the Vatican.

The fake bishop donned a purple sash (really a scarf) over his vestments and mingled with cardinals and others who’d flown in from around the globe ahead of the conclave to pick a new pope. He smiled wide and posed for cameras while shaking hands with Cardinal Sergio Sebiastiana. He tried to blend in.

But before he could get into Paul VI Hall for a top-secret meeting, the Telegraph reported, Napierski was nabbed and booted by Swiss Guards. Seems the disguise, which was a little off, gave him away. The cassock was too short, the crucifix around his neck a bit different, the purple scarf conspicuous against all the red. The fedora on his head, against all the skullcaps, probably didn’t help.

Hmmm…that guy with the fedora…he seems…off. Get him, boys.

I gotta respect Napierski’s chutzpah, though. Who thinks they can sneak into one of the most secretive meetings in the world, and then actually tries it? This guy is kind of my hero.

If you had the gall and stealth ninja skills, where or what would sneak into? How would you do it? Costumes? Stealth? Confident swaggar?

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