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Dear Sasquatch: DNA Proof of My Existence Revisited

Dear Sasquatch:

I read recently that Bigfoot DNA has been found. Is it from your hair? One of your relatives?


Dear Everyone:

Yes, I’ve been asked this question A LOT lately. The reason I didn’t jump on it was that many others have already critiqued it so well (see, for example, Bug Girl’s post on it), and I don’t have a whole lot more to add to my initial post on this.

The only change since I last wrote about it is that Melba Ketchum has apparently published her results in a journal. But it’s a journal Ketchum purchased because she couldn’t find any independent peer-reviewed journals (or any journal) to publish it. This is a bad sign in terms of the quality of the research, analysis, and conclusions.

Another reason I haven’t written about it is that I know from just the researchers’ descriptions of the hair that it can’t possibly be mine or that of my relatives. True hair samples would be much more blurry and pixelated.

So the scientific paper isn’t real, but believe it or not, this story is:


And yes, that’s the last time I date someone from OK Cupid.

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