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Happy Pi Day from Skeptisquatch!

I have been too busy celebrating Pi Day to write up a post, so instead, I would like to share how I celebrate this day of mathematical deliciousness. Unless I’m in Europe, where today is 4.66 day.

First, I got up early to start baking for the contest later that day.

Freshly baked

I came in second to my arch-nemesis Mrs. Jackson. (Next year, Jackson! Next year.)

baking contest copy

But I won the pie-eating contest!


The prize? To be the official boring spokesperson for boring pie. Awesome.

Official spokesman

How did you celebrate?

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Skeptical Sasquatch is an amateur tabloid photographer and filmmaker, beauty expert, and jetsetter (for security purposes). Tired of all the lies spread about him by cryptoloonologists and various crackpots, he joined Teen Skepchick to speak for himself about the skeptical issues of the day and to add species diversity.

You can find him on Twitter at (@skeptisquatch) and on Facebook (

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