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We’re human beings who are constantly growing and learning. I would argue that that’s kind of the point of living. Despite this, it can be hard to change a position on an issue, even a minor one, and even if you know that the position you previously held was wrong.

You may have heard of Sen. Rob Portman, who reversed his stance on same-sex marriage when his son came out. Pres. Barack Obama famously “evolved” on the same issue. Politically, this kind of “flip flopping” is seen as a negative. But really, it just seems like part of being human.

There is one particular issue I’ve changed my mind about after I got new information. You see, I used to be gung ho for a dollar coin. I thought Europe and Canada were probably on to something. But then I heard an interesting and balanced episode of NPR’s Planet Money, in which they discuss the pros and cons of the dollar coin. I have to admit, the case isn’t as air tight as I thought it was and now, well, I guess I’m cool with the good ol’ greenback.

OK, I know. That type of evolution isn’t as dramatic or potentially life-changing as equal rights for the LGBT community, but still. I don’t really get out much.

What is an issue you’ve “evolved” on? What information convinced you to change your position?

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