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Awesome Sauce Music Friday! I’m Gonna Pop Some Caaaaaaarbs Edition

Helloooooo! Is your day lacking awesome? Let me drizzle it with some awesome sauce.

Have you ever had to memorize the Kreb’s Cycle? I think I have, although I remember none of it today. Maybe I would if I’d had this week’s song to jam to. According to io9, this is the result of what is obviously a bangin’ song contest at the University of Ottowa:

“One of the awesome things about the [intermediary metabolism] course at [The University of Ottawa] is that a song contest is held where the students are challenged to write a song about the TCA (Kreb’s) Cycle,” writes Lam, a biochemistry undergrad at uOttawa. “I decided to also add a little glycolysis in here as well, just because I figured that it worked well.”

Aaaaamazing. It’s evidentially a parody of some song called “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore, neither of which I have ever heard of. But this song is pretty good and educational. The best of both worlds. Enjoy!

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