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Awesome Sauce Music Friday! Favourite Foremost Coastal Antarctic Shelf Edition

Yo, nerds. Take off that pocket protector. It’s time to jam.

This week’s tune comes to us from across the pond. It’s by a band called British Sea Power and it’s about the Larsen Ice Shelf. Specifically, Larsen B.

The Larsen Ice Shelf is an antarctic ice shelf consisting of three shelves along the east coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. Larsen A is the smallest of the three shelves. Well, it was. It collapsed in 1995. Larsen B collapsed in 2002. The collapse of Larsen A and B wasn’t typical. Usually, ice shelves lose mass by iceberg calving and melting from the top and bottom. But in the case of Larsen A and B, the disintegrating event was caused by man-made climate change. For the time being, Larsen C, the largest of the Larsen ice shelves, seems stable, but climate change continues to be a threat.

What? Knowledge and awareness with your awesome sauce music? We’re a full service blawg, yo.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy “Oh, Larsen B” by British Sea Power.

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