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Speak Your Mind: What You Like the Most

I’m relatively new to the skeptic movement. I’ve been a skeptic for some time. I’ve always tried to support my positions with evidence, even if I sometimes failed. There are definitely issues that resonate more with me than others. Those interests have also changed over time.

For example, I came to skepticism via atheism (which I know isn’t the same thing but there is significant overlap). As I was figuring out my stance on religion through middle school and high school, that was the issue that dominated my thoughts. As I’ve worked through my atheism, it’s become less important to me. I don’t begrudge others need for a community that focuses on atheism, but it’s no longer something I require.

One thing that certainly never really held my attention was Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster, or other cryptozoology debunking. Don’t get me wrong; it’s fun to learn about, but I never really felt like it was one of the pressing issues of the day. I was – and continue to be – more interested in improving the lives of others. Over time I’ve found that skepticism – with it’s focus on evidence-based solutions – was the best way forward. Skepticism and critical thinking can and should make the world a better place and I suspect that my specific interests will continue to evolve I grow as a person and as different social issues crop up. It’s what I like most about skepticism. There is (ostensibly, at least) no dogma to adhere to. It’s a skill set that can be applied to a variety of areas. I find that incredibly satisfying.

What part of the movement do you like the most? Are there skeptical issues you identify with more strongly than others? Have your specific interests changed over time?

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