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Speak Your Mind: The End of the Internet. AKA The End of Life as I Know It.

As with many of us here at Teen Skepchick, I rely heavily on the Internet. Like, a lot. For communication, shopping, learning, earning money, everything. I don’t just enjoy doing things on the Internet. I need the Internet. I need the Internet to do almost everything I do.

Whoa. That’s a scary realization.

I’ve lived a life pre-Internet. (Well, technically I haven’t. But I lived part of my life before it became widespread in Smallville, KS.) But I was a kid! I didn’t need to know where I could get the best price on The Hobbit on Blu-ray or what kind of filters I should get for my telescope. Most tragically, it would be hard to keep in touch with all the friends I’ve made via the Internet. Now that I’ve come accustomed to having the entire world at my fingertips, could I really give it back?

Robert Krulwich of NPR posed a similar question this week. What would happen if the Internet just went away? Is that even possible? It seems it is; it’s just not very likely. But oh my glob. What if it did? It’s like thinking about life without electricity. Or water. It makes me literally shudder with dread.

How would you handle a life without the Internet? Do you look forward to a future where a solar flare takes it down, or is that your worst nightmare? What, if anything, would you have to give up in an Internet-less world?

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  1. May 29, 2013 at 12:59 pm —

    Yeah, I’d be screwed. When my wife and I moved to a remote town with nothing in it in religious-right conservative Arizona two years ago, I hermitted up. My interactions with most people were via internet outside of work and wife. We’d occasionally go to Tempe, but only when there were also errands since it was a three hour round trip. We have just moved out of Arizona to a place with stuff in it but where I don’t know anyone yet. So, I am using the internet (meetup, heeeey) to try to find people I would like to interact with. I’d feel pretty screwed without the internet.

  2. May 29, 2013 at 1:53 pm —

    I have all my savings in an internet only bank, and my other bank barely has any brick and mortar locations left. (Like all Norwegian banks.) I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the signalling path between the debit card readers in all the stores I go to goes via the same central infrastructure as Internet traffic, so I’d have to give up food and society as we know it.

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