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Speak Your Mind: Fine! I’ll Make My Own!

My hair is frustrating. I don’t know whether it’s too thick, or too fine, or too smooth, or too something else, but I have a really hard time finding hair clips that will stay put for any amount of time. Every step I take bounces my entire body and shakes the hair clips loose. Every. Single. Time.

Except for a certain type of hair clip. Which, of course, almost no one ever uses to make cute hair pieces.

Over the weekend I got fed up. Why shouldn’t I be able to wear a cute flower or feather in my hair? Answer: I should be able to. So I went to the local craft store and came back with some hair clips and an assortment of things to glue to those clips. You can find the result in the featured image.

This didn’t take a lot of skill; I literally just used a hot glue gun and plopped the stuff on the clip. And I’m not sure I’m wild about the bee. But it was kind of empowering to not be at the mercy of Claire’s or other chain stores for my hair decorations.

Have you ever gotten fed up with your choices and decided that you could do it better?

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