The Physics Philes, lesson 55: SkepchickCon Vacation, Part 1

Guys, I am very full of fail this week. And I will probably be full of fail next week, too. Why? SkepchickCon, that’s why.

It turns out, I have a butt-load-ton (that’s metric) of stuff to do before I head off. And I’ll probably have some kind of con crud next Monday, so I’m not making any promises. But I know that you’re life will basically fall apart if you don’t get your weekly dose of physics, so I’ll try to post a little something. This week have a gander at this video of common physics misconceptions. It’s a Minute Physics video (which I highly recommend you following on YouTube, by the way).

So, I’m sorry I wasn’t a better planner, and I’ll be back with a more substantive post in a couple of weeks.

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