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Speak Your Mind: Getting Back into the Swing of Things

After a few years off, I’m heading back to school this fall. And by “this fall,” I mean Monday. This Monday. (Here’s the back story.)

Eep. I’m scared!

To be fair, though, I am scared of everything. I’m scared of nature, other people, how much I love Candy Crush…everything. Even though I’ve been to college before, but, oof, returning to it is causing me stress. So many insecurities. What if nobody likes me? Or – the worst thing of all – what if I’m not as bright as I think I am?


I think one of the best ways to combat this type of insecurity is to remain calm. It’s worked for me in the past. For example, last semester I took trigonometry, the first math class I’ve had in a decade. I totally bombed the first test because I totally freaked myself out. I don’t have the expertise to say it was a panic attack, but I was definitely panicky and my mind got really cloudy. But after that, I took a few deep breaths, collected my thoughts, and got to work. And I managed to do pretty well. So, for me, keeping calm is the key to not spending this first semester back at school freaking out in the library.

How do you shake off the stress and get focused?

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