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Awesome Sauce Music Friday! I’m Not a Female Scientist, I’m a Scientist Edition

Late last week we shared an NPR story about how teachers are integrating hip hop and rap music into classrooms as a means to educate kids about science. However, it’s so amazing that I wanted to make sure that you watched at least one of these science raps, so it’s coming up again.

The idea behind bringing rap and hip hop into the classroom is to mesh culture and science. It’s being used at an age when a lot of kids start to check out of science and math classes, and utilizing hip hop culture keeps those classes relevant. It also facilitates a deeper understanding of the topic. Students have to do a lot of research to write a good rap. It’s actually pretty amazing, enough so that I thought it was worth a second look.

So enjoy this example of science classroom hip hop: Rosalind Franklin vs. Watson and Crick. Spoiler alert: Watson and Crick get schooled. Rosalind Franklin would be proud.

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