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Last weekend as I was perusing through the other Skepchick sister sites, I happened upon a post at Mad Art Lab titled “Who Needs Art School?” I, however, misread it at first and thought it said “Who Needs Art in School?” That that got me thinking – not about the utility of art school (I don’t have the experience for that) – but about art classes integrated into middle school and high school education.

I had a pretty pitiful school art experience. I took an art class in middle school, which wasn’t great. (Although I shade the hell out of sphere.) Then I took choir, but since I’m pretty tone deaf, that wasn’t great either. In high school I abandoned art classes altogether, because, hey, who has time for that? There is evidence to suggest that art education can be incredibly beneficial, especially for students low on the socio-economic scale, but it tends to be the first thing that’s cut so there is enough money to go towards math, science, and English. It’s a balancing game, I guess. With unlimited money we could do everything. But that’s not the world we live in.

What is your in-school art experience? Are you given the freedom to find what you were good at? Are you encouraged to engage in artistic pursuits? Do you think your art helps you in other academic areas? Why do you engage in art?

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