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Awesome Sauce Music Friday! It’s Not a Planet, but It’s Not an Oddball Edition

Ah, do you hear that? It’s the sound of Friday. Did you know that Friday has a sound? Actually, maybe it doesn’t. But that doesn’t keep it from being time for another Awesome Sauce Music Friday!

Last week we featured a Science History Rap Battle about the discovery of DNA. Because we here at Teen Skepchick like awesome things, we’re doing it again. Only this time it’s about the fall of Pluto.

Aww…that sounds sad. Don’t worry, though. It’s actually amazing. Seriously, I could watch these rap battles all day long. I’m constantly amazed by these kids and their understanding of scientific issues. (For example, the kids in this video go out of their way to point out that just because Pluto is called a “dwarf planet” doesn’t mean that it’s a planet. Fantastic!)

Happy Friday!

HT: Bad Astronomy

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