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I cannot keep up with books. I say I’m going to. In the past I have bought books by the truckload because, hey, I like to read. I’ll get to it eventually. Sooner rather than later, probably. Yup, that’s what I’ll do.

But I almost never do that. Those books just stack and stack and stack until I realize that I’ve turned into a book hoarder. And not the good kind. It’s one thing to be crushed to death by all the books you’ve read. It’s quite another to be killed by the shear force of your hardback good intentions.

If I let myself slip into the 21st century, I would fully accept ebooks. In many ways they are great. They won’t crush me to death, for example. I don’t have to find room for them in my one-bedroom apartment.

But there are problems, too. Not the least of which is the ease of actually purchasing a book. The other day I realized that I didn’t have David Sedaris’ new book, so I just jumped on my iPad and bought it. Now it’s just sitting there in my Kindle app waiting to be read. Before, when I bought a book, I had to hold it in my hand and think about when I would have the time or inclination to read it. Now it’s just a click of a button.

I don’t mean to sound like a luddite. I love the instant access to a book I want to read now at this very second. It appeals to my short attention span.  But I’m also afraid that this will make my hoarding worse. It’s just moved out of my meat space and into my digital space. I still feel kind of crappy for not reading all the books I want.

I used to think that ebooks would keep me current, but I think they are just reminding me how deep in the hole I am.

How do you keep up on your favorite literature and pop culture? Do you have any culling techniques? Has the Internet helped or hurt your ability to keep up?

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