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Awesome Sauce Music Friday! We are Scholastic, Smart and Sarcastic Edition

Heyheyhey! It’s Friday! Wanna jam to an awesome feminist parody video? Me too. Let’s do it.

(I don’t mean a parody of a feminist video. I mean the parody is feminist…ah, you know what I mean.

You’ve surely by now heard “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke. It’s hard to get away from. And, since you’ve found your way onto Teen Skepchick, you’ve probably read all of the criticism of this – shall we say, rapey – song. But, dang it! The song is so catchy. It’s an earworm…that wants to have sex with you even though you don’t want to. What’s a person with standards to do?!

Never fear. An Auckland University student group called the Law Revue Girls has created the “Blurred Lines” parody to end all “Blurred Lines” parodies. “Defined Lines” does a great job at exposing both how awful the original lyrics are, as well as how incredibly sexist the official video is. (Maybe too good a job. It was briefly taken down because of inappropriate sexual content. Thankfully, it’s been restored.)

It should be noted that this video does contain some naughty language and is sexually suggestive. But it’s mostly amazing and will definitely give you a bit of a pre-weekend strut. Enjoy!

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