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Speak Your Mind: Your Brain on Blogging

I’ve always been much better in writing than I am in person. (And I’m not that good in writing. So.) It’s weird. I have the same thoughts and feelings, but I’m so much better at expressing those thoughts and feelings in writing. It’s just hard for me to express myself verbally. It’s no wonder that I’ve turned to blogging to fill my time.

So can you blame me for kind of loving the argument put forward by Clive Thompson that blogging is making us smarter?

The idea is that writing down our thoughts forces us to be more clear and more precise. Just writing for an audience, no matter how big, makes us pay more attention and learn more. It’s an interesting idea. What do you think?

Do you think writing helps you focus your thoughts and helps you make better arguments? If you’re a writer, have you noticed a change in your own thought processes before and after you began writing?

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