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Speak Your Mind: Recognize Women in STEM

Yesterday was Ada Lovelace Day, a day named after the woman who is widely regarded as being the first computer programmer that is designed to appreciate and bring to the fore women in STEM fields. It’s something we here at Teen Skepchick try to do all the time. There are so many awesome women in science out there today and throughout history.

Just last week I volunteered to help with a Women in Science Day at my university. Basically, we just brought in around 300 seventh grade girls for a day of labs and speakers. It was amazing. I got to sit in on a meteorology lab, and the girls looked like they were engaged, learning, and just having a really good time. Some of the scientists who led the labs donated their time because they feel so strongly that girls should be encouraged to go into STEM fields.

It was really inspiring to see. It’s a shame that these women aren’t celebrated more. So this is a time to do just that.

Who are the women in science who have inspired or influenced you?

Featured image credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

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