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Speak Your Mind: Halloween Spook-tacular

I’m told by my calendar and the overflowing candy aisle at my local grocery story that Halloween is coming up. Halloween was never a big deal in my family. I went to a Catholic school, so we were only allowed to dress up as saints. Which in practice amounted to dozens of kids in their father’s bathrobes. Some of the more ambitious boys might have had cotton ball beards, but all in all, not an amazing sight to behold.

My parents were similarly unimpressed with Halloween festivities. My brother and I only went trick or treating a handful of times and our neighborhood wasn’t really packed with kids.

I knew the day was supposed to be fun, but…meh. I want to like it, but I’m constitutionally ill-suited for the holiday. I don’t like to be scared, so haunted houses are out. I don’t like large crowds, so parties are out. So it’s unlikely that I’ll be having any fun.

What are you doing this Halloween? Do you like to be scared? What are you dressing up as? Will you be staying up late to wait for the Great Pumpkin?

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