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Hello everyone!  I’m a shiny new writer for Teen Skepchick!  Unlike Grimalkin, I don’t have a shiny new post to accompany my shiny introduction, but will introduce myself anyway.   My name’s Beth and I’m a recently returned volunteer from Peace Corps Tanzania.  It’s very odd being back in the U.S. My feet are clean with a notable absence of oozing pus, and when I want to wash clothes I can put them in a machine, press a button, and clothes will become clean!  It’s magical!  I grew up home-schooled in a conservative Christian environment in Georgia, but I have overcome that and now I’m a snarky atheist with a master’s degree in computer science.  Besides science, dance is very important in my life; I perform and teach middle eastern dance (more commonly referred to as belly dance).  Elisheba, my pseudonym, is actually my dance performance name.   I’m also an aerial acrobat, along with my sister, and we are currently trying to start an aerial performance troupe.    It’s heavy going, probably because we’re in a tiny provincial hamlet in Wyoming right now, but I live in hope.

I’ve been a fan, though a lurker, of the Skepchick Network for a long time, so I’m absolutely thrilled to be part of it.  As is possibly predictable based on my background, I’m interested in development work and the role of computers in the pursuit of the same.  Also computer science by itself.  In particular, I am a systems hacker and I believe that virtual machines are the solution to all my problems.  Less seriously, I’m obsessed with anime, opera, Star Wars, and coffee.

Pleased to meet you all!  Bring on the science!  Bring on the rational thought!

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Elizabeth is a professional belly dancer, a flaky computer scientist, and a returned Peace Corps volunteer. She lives in Georgia (the state of the U.S., not the country) but is nonetheless somehow not a combination of stereotypes from Gone with the Wind and Deliverance. Her personal blog is Coffeefied. Operafied. Fluffified. Beglittered.

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