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Speak Your Mind: Your Anus?

I remember as a kid trying really hard not to say Uranus. Even if you don’t emphasize the “-anus” part, it was kind of uncomfortable to say. I mean, you’re not supposed to say anus! But that was the name of the planet, and it cannot be changed. The awkward name was handed down by the heavens, so to speak, and it cannot be changed.

However, I’ve grown up since then. Now Uranus is just a planet; on of those big gaseous ones in the outer solar system. My mind doesn’t flood with images of butts every time it’s mentioned.

Esther Inglis-Arkell at io9 thinks that it’s time to change Uranus’ name because of the similarity to “your anus.”

When William Herschel discovered the planet in 1781, he wanted to name it The Georgian Planet, after King George, his patron. Unfortunately the convention for naming planets after the Roman gods was, even then, cemented in place. Herschel was shouted down by the astronomical community. What’s frustrating, now, is that astronomical community was international. There had to be a few English-speakers who knew the problem, and if even one had had the moral courage to stand up and speak out about it, so many things would have been simpler today. But no, they decided on a name that has caused centuries of annoyance.

Eh. Perhaps she has a better sense of how the Internet commenting community handles Uranus, but I have a hard time getting too worked up over a few butt jokes. Don’t get me wrong. These jokes are neither original nor funny, but…meh. I’m finding it hard to locate my cares.

Is it time to rename Uranus? If you were queen or king of the solar system, what would you rename it? Would you still with Roman gods and goddesses, or would you branch out? What is the worst possible name for a planet you can think of?

Featured image credit: NASA/Space Telescope Science Institute

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