Hey there, I hope everybody is having a wonderful holiday and is currently regretting the amount of food consumed over the past few days. I know I am. Anyway, my name is Alice, but I quite like floating manatee as well. I’m currently studying Zoology at university which I’m finding stressful, but also super interesting and fun. So you can expect posts on any weird or wonderful creatures I come across popping up on here.

I was brought up a catholic and went through the whole shebang of dressing up as a miniature bride complete with the addition of a saint’s name to my own. I’m happy to say I fell out the end of tumultuous years of education an atheist and all the better for it. I also became an inter-sectional feminist (the pope’s worst nightmare) and now I happily fight for liberation within society for all self identifying women.

Aside from being an angry activist I’m also a huge nerd, obsessed with tv, films and books. So you can expect me to occasionally sing the merits or the faults of anything I’ve been reading/watching if relevant.

It’s nice to meet you, I can’t wait to get started.

Image credit: calmingmanatee.com/15

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Floatingmanatee also known as Alice, is a certified Zoologist living in Britain and has an unhealthy love of weird creatures. She's bisexual, a lover of books, TV, film and anything else that tells a story. Generally she's either angry or sad or both about the state of the world, but watching youtube videos of cute animals makes her feel better.

Profile pic art: https://www.etsy.com/uk/people/MATTY8080?ref=owner_image_profile_leftnav

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