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Speak Your Mind: State Stereotypes

I was perusing my RSS feed today when I came across this map of Google autocomplete results for “Why is [state] so…”. The map comes from the Twitter account @Amazing_Maps. It’s basically a map of stereotypes, legitimized by King Google. I tested a few, and the map seems pretty accurate.


I have to admit, these give me a bit of a chuckle. Some are predictable – the flatness of Kansas and the bigness of Texas, for example. But others are less so. I didn’t know that Alaska was supposed to be expensive, or Pennsylvania was supposed to be haunted. Some are just downright unflattering.

What are some stereotypes of where you live? Do they overwhelm reality, or are they pretty reflective? Are there any stereotypes you get tired of hearing? Do any of these Google autocorrects surprise you?

HT: BoingBoing

Featured image credit: Walt Hubis via Flickr


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