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Speak Your Mind: Ride into Spring

March has arrived, which means that it’s officially acceptable to look forward to spring. In the northern hemisphere, at least. Sure, where I live the high was -1ºF just a couple of days ago and the ground is still covered in snow. But it’s March, dammit. Spring is just around the corner.

I’m actually especially looking forward to warmer weather this year because I recently got a bike. When I was in college I used to bike a lot. It was awesome. The wind in my face. The feeling of cutting through someone’s yard, not seeing a giant hole because of overgrown grass, and flying cartoon-like over the handlebars (true story). I gave away my bike when I moved for law school because the city wasn’t very bike-friendly, but now I’m itching to get back to it. Check it out.


So far I’ve only gotten to ride it a couple of times. It’s been too cold. But spring is coming and soon I’ll be cruising again.

Is there anything you’re waiting for warmer weather to do? What is your favorite part about spring?

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