Awesome Sauce Music Friday

Awesome Sauce Music Friday! Put Down the Mimosa (Wingardium Leviosa) Edition

I’ve got that Friday afternoon feeling. You know, when you can see the weekend coming at you and it makes it hard to concentrate on actual important things. Yeah, that feeling. If you have those feels, as well, it’s probably a good time to take a break and listen to some sweet tunes. Lucky for you, I’ve got just the thing.

There is a musical comedy trio called Axis of Awesome. They are…um…awesome. Very funny. And very nerdy. If their music is any indication, they are bananas for Harry Potter. (And who can blame them, really?) In this week’s edition of Awesome Sauce Music Friday, the boys try to sing about the scourge of teenage drinking. It goes kind of wrong. You might want to put headphones in, though. There is a bit of strong language.

Want more music? Check out Lab Tracks on Mad Art Lab!

Do you have a delightfully nerdy recommendation? Leave them in the comments!

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