Awesome Sauce Music Friday

Awesome Sauce Music Friay! Pi Day!

I’m sorry, you guys. I’m so, so sorry. No, not for the Awesome Sauce Music Friday being late. It’s because of what I’m about to put in front of your eyes and ears. But I have to. Because it’s Pi Day.

One thing I love about the Internet is it gives anyone a forum for their art. Sometimes that art is really bad, but it’s still awesome that people get to show it off and find their audience. But sometimes this particular feature of the Internet can create an earworm so insidious that it takes weeks – no, months – to extricate. I’m of course talking about Rebecca Black’s Friday. That song was, of course, made for parody, and, like many other people around the globe, math nerds could not resist the siren’s call. So here it is. A Pi Day spoof of Friday. You can’t deny the synergy of it also being Friday, too, though.

Again, I’m so sorry.

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Featured image credit: Amit Patel via Flickr

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