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Speak Your Mind: #BanBossy?

It’s no secret that the behavior of girls and women are judged differently than that of boys and men. Where men are assertive, women are bossy. There’s been an effort recently to “ban bossy” in favor of other, more accurate words to describe powerful women. The idea behind the campaign is that bossy is so vague as to be useless, with different connotations for different people. But what do girls think of bossy? SheKnows asked:

A sample of the young girls thoughts:

“Sometimes people take “bossy” the wrong way a lot. Sometimes when you’re leading something, people think that you’re bossy, but you’re actually just trying to lead it, which can end up being bossy.”

How is a leader different from being bossy?

“Leaders are the people in charge, and you have to listen to them, but bossy people aren’t necessarily in charge.”


“Beyonce I don’t think is bossy, but most time, superstars are sort of bossy.”

I understand the idea behind #banbossy, but I’m unsure about it’s potential for success. It seems like a blunt instrument where more precision is needed. I don’t have any answers, but I’d love to hear you’re thoughts.

Will you ban bossy? Do you think bossy is used differently for girls than boys? The use of bossy may be gendered, but is the real solution eliminating that rule altogether? Does the concept of bossy have any value at all?

HT: Feministe

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