Awesome Sauce Music Friday

Awesome Sauce Music Friday! Waves of Fire Edition

This week’s edition of Awesome Sauce Music Friday is a little different than usual. Instead of a song about science, we’re featuring music as science!

This is a video of something called a Pyro Board, and it’s visually stunning. According to NPR:

Physics explainer Derek Muller found one in Denmark, built by a team of science demonstrators who call themselves Fysikshow. At the start of this video, project leader Sune Nielsen shows Derek a series of single tones (ewwww… too loud. They hurt my ears). But then, like dragons high on propane, at about 3:40 in, Derek and Sune put some music on — and get jiggy with it …

As their name suggests, Fysikshow’s mission is to keep Danish chemistry and physics students awed, entertained and delighted as they plod through their basic school curriculum. Their pyro board has 2,500 holes. Sound waves move through flammable gas to create alternating high- and low-pressure zones, which, in turn, produce the flame pattern. , you can see other things they’ve built: their “exploding hydrogen balloon,” “nitrogen bomb” and, of course, a “vacuum cannon” that shoots CDs from one dormitory to another through the air.

Please, don’t try this at home. But do enjoy the video!


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