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Awesome Sauce Music Friday! Call Up Jennifer Walters, Attorney-at-Law Edition

Yay! It’s Friday! Whomp whomp!

You may have heard by now what screenwriter David S. Goyer (of Man of Steel fame) said about She-Hulk. If you’re in the dark, basically he said that the only appeal of the Jennifer Walters alter ego was a sex object. He said that She-Hulk only existed to have sex with the Hulk. Which is bananas because anyone who knows anything about comic books (which the screenwriter of a major comic book movie should) knows that Jennifer Walters is Bruce Banner’s cousin. Even Stan Lee – THE Stan Lee, co-creator of She-Hulk – says it’s a bunch of hooey. So.

Goyer is, of course, wrong about everything. The excellent Alyssa Rosenberg argues persuasively that, unlike a lot of highly derivative female characters, She-Hulk is a feminist hero. In Rosenberg’s words,

From the very start, She-Hulk was recognizable as a manifestation of a particularly female dilemma that persists today. She is an expression of how terrific it would be not to have to censor yourself, to be allowed to be angry without some man declaring you unladylike.

She-Hulk was sexy, too, of course. But what Goyer seems to miss is that in her earliest and best story lines, She-Hulk’s sexuality is her own. She is not some brain-dead courtesan, but a swashbuckling heart-breaker. Her first love interest is a neighboring medical student, a younger hunk. In Slott’s “Single Green Female” stories, Shulkie brings home a male super-model and then has to figure out how to make sure her Adonis does not get too attached.

She-Hulk is amazing, so I’m devoting this week’s Awesome Sauce Music Friday to her. Enjoy Adam WarRock’s “Attorney-at-Law.”

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