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Awesome Sauce Music Friday: Science Riot Grrls Edition

OK, so I’ve been a bit busy since school got out for the summer so I’m just now running across this song. However, it’s so amazing that I must feature it for Awesome Sauce Music Friday.

There is nothing I love more than seeing young people getting excited about science. (I’m looking at you, Teen Skepchick reader!) Well, these girls were so excited that they wrote a song and filmed a music video about how awesome at science they are. Becky Chambers at The Mary Sue has a pretty good summery of what went down:

Few things make me happier than seeing little humans grinning over science projects. Here’s the origin story: The young singer in this video came home from science class excited about the cool experiments she got to do (I know that feel, kid). She and her classmates had been singing a song about being “extraordinary.” Her dad helped her write the rest. And thus, Science Riot Grrls was born.

Rock on. I lack the words to properly express how much I love this. This may have to be Teen Skepchick’s new theme song. I’ll stop yacking now because you really need to listen to this. Enjoy!

HT: The Mary Sue

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