Awesome Sauce Music Friday

Awesome Sauce Music Friday! The Deep Sea Dwelling Anglerfish Never Has to Find a Mate Edition

Do you feel a little twitch in your toes? Is there an extra groove in your step? Don’t worry. That’s just your bod telling you that it’s time for Awesome Sauce Music Friday!

Today we bestow some love on the anglerfish, that terrifying deep see fish. (Admittedly, not as terrifying as the goblin shark, but still. Not cuddly.) Hey, everybody needs a little appreciation now and again, right?

Actually, anglerfish don’t just live in the deep sea. Some live on the continental shelf. The female has that little glowy thing that hangs in front of her face called a esca. It’s used to catch prey and also attract male anglerfish. The male of this species is very small. In order to mate the male has to basically become a parasite on the female. In fact, the males never reach sexual maturity unless they are attached to a female, and vice versa. Weird/cool.

Now that you know a little about the anglerfish, you can better enjoy Hank Green’s song, A Song About an Anglerfish.

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