Awesome Sauce Music Friday

Awesome Sauce Music Friday! It’s a Big Universe and We’re Not Edition

What’s that, calendar? Today is a boring, ol’ Friday? Wrong! It’s an awesome sauce music Friday!

I’m a sucker for songs about space and the universe. (You may have guessed from past posts.) I’m also a sucker for Marian Call, a stellar (see what I did, there?) singer/songwriter from Alaska. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Call has released an album of cover songs, some of them updated.

One of the updated songs is “Yakko’s Universe,” from The Animaniacs. She, along with Bad Astronomer Phil Plait, updated the lyrics to reflect the most current numbers. There’s no video (yet), but you can listen to the song here.

Marian Call Sings the Classics, vol. I by Marian Call


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