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Reality Checks: Cold Noses, Girls with Autism, Menstrual Cups, and Potty Parity

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  1. January 7, 2015 at 12:40 pm —

    It isn’t just the NHS that is underdiagnosing girls & women with autism. It’s pretty much everywhere. Autism presents somewhat differently in girls, especially the milder forms such as Asperger syndrome. Plus, there’s a belief that only boys can be autistic. Oh, yeah, OCD seems to be a popular misdiagnosis for girls with ASD.

    A daughter in a family I know looked to me (non-expert) like she had Asperger syndrome because her behavior was strikingly like my son’s, who _was_ diagnosed. But the psychiatrists and other mental health professionals all said it was something else, though what that “something else” was kept changing. She suffered all kinds of psychiatric abuse before she was diagnosed (and before her parents pulled her out of the hands of the mental health profession.)

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