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Reality Checks: Teen Feminists, Blood Falls, and a Sweet Georgia Singer

  • Mezzo soprano Jamie Barton wins more things!. Here’s the thing about La Barton: she attended a tiny college in rural Ga in the same town where I attended a tiny college, and when her alma mater Shorter was taken over by religious bigots who wanted to take a stand against Teh Gay, La Barton very publicly told them what they were doing was wrong and they could never use her name in their publicity materials ever again.  She’s from tiny rural Ga, and she shows the world that Ga isn’t just full of backward bigots.  I love her for this.  (via NYT)
  • Antarctic Blood Falls explained.  But not with Lovecraftian Elder Things, so clearly, they are wrong.  (via The Huffington Post )
  • Teen feminists changing the world!  (via Dazed)

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Featured image credit:Peter Rejcek, National Science Foundation

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