A Non-Exhaustive List of Things which will Turn Ladies into Whores

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  1. Tea
  2. birth control
  3. the HPV vaccine
  4. not wearing a head covering (this and the two above are common knowledge, so you don’t need a link, right?)
  5. rights
  6. jazz-though to be fair, the depravity caused by jazz applied both to men and women, apparently
  7. getting mail
  8. riding bicycles
  9. riding buses at night
  10. driving
  11. talking on the phone
  12. cosmetics and jewelry
  13. reading novels (or doing anything overstimulating)

The virtuous lady will not go anywhere, speak to anyone, entertain herself, or long for anything that could be mistaken for a human right, particularly any sort of healthcare that affects her lady bits.

Featured image is Dali’s Courtesan with a Necklace of Gems

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