Science Festival! Atlanta! March 19-26

For anyone in the Atlanta area, there’s some fabulous science festivaling going on this next week, from March 19-26!  Atlanta has a science festival! I am so proud of my city right now.  We are having a bunch of events to try to make science all accessible and fun.  I’m doing my small yet acrobatic part!  I’ll be performing at the event Coded Life: Motions of Change, in which acrobats will be demonstrating (albeit rather abstractly, because of the limitations of the medium) RNA, water molecules, and the story of Babbage and Lovelace.  That last one my sister and me, because we have degrees in math and computer science, and Lovelace is my hero.

Come be festive and scientific!



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Elizabeth is a professional belly dancer, a flaky computer scientist, and a returned Peace Corps volunteer. She lives in Georgia (the state of the U.S., not the country) but is nonetheless somehow not a combination of stereotypes from Gone with the Wind and Deliverance. Her personal blog is Coffeefied. Operafied. Fluffified. Beglittered.

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