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In Which I am Threatened with Foolishness and the Ruin of Soul

It is the time, dear readers, of my birthday, which means that it is also the time for my good Christian grandmother to communicate with me.  Just to be clear, she communicates exactly once per year, and only to attempt with a few pithily chosen Bible verses or tracts, to bring me back to being a good Christian girl. This year’s missive:

Don’t ruin your soul thinking demons and wickedness are funny.  ‘Fools make a mock at sin.’ Pr. 14:9

Notice here that Christians tend to start with the assumption that one shares their beliefs about souls and the magicness of words from their holy book.  They do, however, recognize that fun is bad for them.  Laughing at things often takes away the power of those things.  The solemnity and awfulness that is Christian hell and sin deserves laughter, and that, of course, destroys belief and fear. However, for those who believe laughter is an appropriate response to threats of soul ruination, Christians have the book of Proverbs, which is short on substance, and long on assurances of the wisdom and of the narrator and the foolishness of various other people.  Who needs substance in the place of insults?

So, for yet another year, I am unconvinced of the truth of Christianity, but more convinced that to at least one Christian, I am only a worthwhile person insofar as I conform to a religion.  That is very saddening and insulting, so I mock it here and continue to ruin my soul by mocking at things.

To another year of soul-ruining, friends.

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