Hello Teen Skepchick!

Hello, everybody!

I’m new around here. I’m going to write about interesting topics soon, such as religion and science. However, it seems sensible to write an introduction to myself first.

I’m Alex, I’m home schooled in the UK and some of my hobbies include: Web Development, graphic design, film making and close up magic tricks. I also love writing. I have two younger brothers, Oliver and William and live with my mum and dad.

I read A LOT, my favourite book of all time is Goodnight Mister Tom, though more recently my favourites have been the noughts and crosses series by Malorie Blackman and Terry Pratchett’s discworld series.

Finally, I should tell you that I’m going to try and post weekly but no promises.

This whole writing things going to be a fun little adventure.

See you soon.

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Alex Horsewell

Alex Horsewell

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