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We all need a little Faith

So teenskepchick isn’t really a space for religion, but it’s definitely a space for super heroes and Faith is shaping up to be a favourite of mine. Faith is a relatively new series which began in 2016 by Valiant entertainment and created by a host of lovely people: Jody Houser (writer), Francis Portela and Marguerite Sauvage (artists). The comic follows the adventures of Faith, or Zephyr as she’s known in the superhero community and let me tell you, she’s adorable. As a spin off story from Valiant’s popular series ‘Harbinger’ (another comic on my to read list) you would be forgiven for worrying about being out of depth in terms of where Faith is in her story now. However, I found reading Faith to be exceedingly easy, so long as you don’t mind a few spoilers from the ‘Harbinger’ series which have led Faith to where she is currently.

What a babe.

Living in sunny Los Angeles Faith is trying to find her way on her own as a superhero and as a person. She’s joyously nerdy to the point of her reasoning for wanting to become a hero being the comics she grew up reading. Working as a blogger for an entertainment website alongside doing good and saving puppies, she’s basically the perfect woman. Faith is also plus sized! A fact which is never shied away from in the artists depictions of her as well as never being an issue for her as far as being a hero is concerned, or her love life. The depiction of a fat woman who is not only viewed as intelligent, funny and passionate, but also as desirable because of these traits is something sorely lacking in the media and Faith brings it all to the table.

The art throughout this series is gorgeous and matches the tone of the writing throughout which can flicker from some serious moments through to Faith’s colourful daydreams. The arc of the first trade in this series (Hollywood and Vine) manages to bring the reader completely up to date with Faith as a character whilst also weaving a tale of intrigue and mystery. It’s a fairly classic storyline as far as comics go, but what makes it refreshing and so much fun is Faith herself. It’s the likability of this main character which drives the series forward and has me reaching for the second trade of this series as soon as possible.

Since we seem to be living in one of the darker timelines right now, we could do with some heroes and I think Faith fits the bill perfectly.

Take care Chicks.

Image credit: http://www.valiantentertainment.com/comics/faith-2/faith-1/

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