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Suspension of disbelief: Stuff you missed in history class

Ever fallen asleep in history class?

I know I fell asleep in some maths lessons, but we’ve all had sleepless nights with school the next day and missed things. So if you ever missed a history lesson, or if like me you just like learning about the past and people who came before us, this podcast is probably for you. Part of the how stuff works network, the podcast is hosted by Tracey V Wilson and Holly Frey, and covers history through from ancient to modern.

The two hosts are really what make this podcast great. Previous hosts in the back catalogue are also great, but I do have a soft spot for this pair. They have a wonderful camaraderie which shines through when they cover topics from historic fashion designers to more sombre histories of the civil rights movement in America. Each topic is covered with care and sensitivity, which makes learning all that more enjoyable.

As for topics, nothing is ever really off the table. Some of my favourite episodes have been quite strange indeed, the woman who turned to soap is a fond example. There are tales of mad kings, the war between butter and margarine alongside biopic episodes covering incredible women like Katherine Dexter McCormick or a personal favourite Frances Glessner Lee. Indeed if you would like to learn more about a topic which you may be currently studying they also cover historic events during the world wars and as previously mentioned the civil rights movement. In fact this year they produced two episodes covering how Japanese internment camps came to be in the US and their consequences.

I wholly recommend this podcast, it’s fun, interesting and hosted by two hardworking women. The amount of work which goes into producing the podcast is evident every episode from the clearly rehearsed scripts to the list of references released after each episode. Even if you’re not a history buff, give this one a try to help you with a tricky project at school or to learn something new on the morning commute. You won’t regret giving this one a shot, I promise.

Find out more! http://www.missedinhistory.com/

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