Foretelling Friday: A Bibliomantic Adventure

I am doing Bibliomancy!  I am going to pick a sacred text, or maybe the Aeneid once I get a physical copy (amazingly, my e-reader doesn’t have a function to display a random page) and point at a sentence then use it to predict my immediate future.  I heard about this and thought it sounded fun, so I will keep it up until I get bored.

This week, I am using the Bible, the KJV because other translations are too liberal, according to my Sunday School teachers. First up, we have:

The sons of Kohath, Amram, Izhar, Hebron, and Uzziel, four.

Clearly, in the next week I am going to meet someone with four sons, or someone who is one of four sons, or have four sons (unlikely, unless I adopt more cats).

Check back next week and let’s see how I did!

Featured image credit: Elim Center International

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