Mice, Cheese, and a Side of Skepticism

Last summer, I spent about a month at a paleontology dig in Wyoming. For a paleo dig, we had it pretty luxurious. I had my own room in a trailer, down the street from the museum and down the hill from our dig site. Out in the field, a family …

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What’s the Harm of “CAM”?

On a day-to-day basis, I notice a lot of advertisements for various “medical” and “health” products. Organic produce is commonly sold in grocery stores. Chiropractic clinics and herbal suppliments are often advertised on television. I’ve even seen and heard ads for psychic healings and religious exorcisms. Homeopathy is peddled as …


Balancing the Ratio

In my last year of high school, like most other seniors, I did college visits  to numerous difference schools. Because I’m interested in Earth Sciences, I took a lot at several engineering schools, such as the Colorado School of Mines. That school was the one I was most strongly recruited …


Child Scientists: Paleokids

For some, an interest in science shows up in college, or later. For others, it starts young. I was one of those very young science kids: if you mispronounced a dinosaur name around me, I would come right up to you and correct you. To this day, I still cringe …


Salvete, Ou’lete, Hello!

Hello, the Internet! My name’s Ali Marie, and I’m one of the new writers here at Teen Skepchick. I’m a second-year college student currently living in the city of Chicago (although I hail from Denver, CO), studying Geophysical Sciences and Music. Within my major, my specific interests are in paleontology, museum …