“I’ll never use it again”: A Phrase That Makes Me Sad

Tell me if this doesn’t sound familiar to you: you’re sitting in class in your usual spot, up front but slightly off to the side so you can see the board but not be too obvious about it.  It’s about twenty minutes into the lecture and the white board is …

Planet Venus silhouetted against radiation emitted by the Sun at 193 Angstroms

Thus Passes Venus: A Lesson in How to Handle Your Binoculars

This is probably a good time to make this confession, before I get to the meat of the article: Astronomy terrifies me.  I don’t just mean that I get nervous when I think about zipping on a space suit and going into orbit 240 miles above the Earth, which I …

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Science Sunday: The Transit of Venus

Do you remember what you were doing eight years ago on June 8th, 2004?  No?  Neither do I, but on that early day in the Northern Hemisphere’s summer, celestial bodies in our solar system were aligning.  The planet Venus’ orbit brought it directly between the Earth and the Sun and …

Scarlett Johansson as Agent Natasha Romanoff in Marvel's The Avengers
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Latrodectus: In Defense of Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson gets to reprise her role as superhero/superheroine Agent Natasha Romanoff, also known as “Black Widow”, in a quaint little independent film called Marvel’s The Avengers that made its premier in the United States a couple weeks ago.  Agent Romanoff is a reformed freelance assassin who now works for …

The tenth Doctor aiming the blue LED on his sonic screwdriver

The U.K.’s Sonic Screwdriver Prototype and What It Means for You as a Person

You know what would be great?  If I could unscrew things without using my arm to apply the torque.  You know what would also be great?  If I could have some surgery done on a part that’s inside my body without doctors having to slice through the other bits of …

John Carter on Mars
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Science Sunday: Jumping on Mars and Other Extreme Sports

On March 8th, 2012 Disney’s John Carter was released in theaters to the general public.  Adapted from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ 1917 pulp novel, A Princess of Mars, the movie’s plot follows the swashbuckling antics of John Carter, a disillusioned Civil War veteran who is transported to Mars after he kills …