On the Uselessness of Mathematics and Resultant Magical Oracular Godness of Computers

I’ve been thinking about mathematical education a lot recently.  Mostly because my sister is professing math at a college at which many students believe and state that they do not need math because all they are going to do in life is work at the mines.  I find this sad …

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Speak Your Mind: Lego Literature

Waterstones is playing with Legos and it is amazing.  They are recreating scenes from famous literature.  This isn’t as wonderful as The Brick Testament, who create entire stories, rather than just scenes, out of Legos.  They are, however, limited to Bible stories at the Brick Testament.  Not that Bible stories …

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Science Sunday: Denial of Service Attacks and the Cost of Security

Last week, Skepchick, Freethoughtblogs, and Feminist Frequency all went offline due to distributed denial of service attacks.  Those are nasty.  It’s an easy attack to launch while being difficult to impossible to defend against without adding lots of costly time-consuming security measures to victimized servers. The internet, as we know …

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Hope for the Aftermath of the Creation “Museum” Fundraiser Debate

Like many others, I am not thrilled about tonight’s Ham vs Nye debate. Others have expressed reasons far better than I can, the most cogent, in my opinion, being that no matter what happens, Ken Ham has won by being able to pocket all the money to support his “museum” …


Making the World Safe for Fewer Greenhouse Gasses

I try to do things to reduce my carbon footprint.  I’m not amazingly successful at this, but I do try.  Unfortunately, many of the small doable actions recommended are off limits to me as a woman attempting to navigate public spaces.  I have been known to live close enough to …

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Danica McKellar’s Fun Little Bites of Mathy Goodness

Danica McKellar, who has actual math degrees in addition to being an actress, is trying to get girls interested in math.  She’s starting a webseries! Math Bites!  I’m suspicious of this.  Increasing the participation of girls in science and math in the face of stereotype harm and the president of …


The United States: Where Men are Men and Women are Girls

I spent an unhealthy amount of my Peace Corps time in Tanzania fantasizing about that magical land, the U.S., where all the roads are paved and the internet video streams at 360p and above.  Sure, I remembered that it was a sexist racist place, but it was a distant sort …

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Science Sunday: Eavesdropping on Computers for Fun and Profit

Some researchers in Israel analyzed the noises a computer was making and used that to analyze exactly what the CPU was doing!  Acoustic cryptoanalysis is a thing now!  This is one of the coolest papers I’ve ever read.  The gist is as follows: As CPUs do differing work they require differing levels …