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The Ethics of Doing Business with the Religious

It’s easy to point at the people who refuse to make wedding cakes for gay couples and discuss their lack of professional ethics.  Things just became less easy for me because, in my capacity as a professional dancer, I have just been hired to perform for a religious organization that …


On the Nonexistence of Anything Creepy: Network Edition

Content warning: Mentions of rape, sarcasm about rape culture.   I am moving out of my current apartment, and internet service ended yesterday.  Like any young lady with an extreme sense of entitlement about the internet and a sometimes shaky sense of ethics, I started scanning for unprotected wireless from …

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If Proselytizing Speech Were Held to the Standards of Advertising Speech

I collect religious tracts, but with rules.  They must be given to me by someone in a way that implies that giver thinks something is really wrong with me.  Preferably with as much condescension as possible.   “Here, I think you need this” is good.  Left taped to my door …

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A Mandatory Love for Babies

Olivia’s musings on the social unacceptability of not desiring children has inspired me to write about much the same thing. I used to be a fundamentalist (lite) Christian.  I was bad at it.  Mostly, I was really bad at feeling the emotions I was supposed to feel.  I tried really …

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Science Sunday: Bleeding Hearts and the Tribulations of Initializing Variables in C

These are troubled times indeed.  The Heartbleed bug is causing wailing and gnashing of teeth among all administrators of servers, and Bruce Schneier, the man who taught Chuck Norris to divide by zero, has declared this an emergency of 11, on a scale of 1-10. Internet protocols do not have …

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Suspension of Disbelief: Magic Time

3/5 fire-breathing dragons. Marc Scott Zicree and Barbara Hambly Barbara Hambly has been one of my favorite fantasy authors for a long time, due to wonderful characters and a need to explain or at least speculate about how everything supernatural actually works.  Her Dragonslayer features diagrams of dragons with comments about hollow …

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Science Sunday: Go to the Computer!

Today in news that makes me happy, a computer named Crazy Stone is playing Go so well it can defeat the Japanese Go champion!  This is probably the sexiest supercomputer since Watson.  Though I don’t quite get the way the article is framed, that is, as a competition between machines and humans, …

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Science Sunday: Biometric Security and the Impermanence of Fingerprints

Recently, on my spring break (which now that I am not a student, I can take) I met a delightful older nurse who told me many fun stories about patients with bubonic plague and ebola.  That’s not important.  The important thing was that she also told me that at the …