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Danica McKellar’s Fun Little Bites of Mathy Goodness

Danica McKellar, who has actual math degrees in addition to being an actress, is trying to get girls interested in math.  She’s starting a webseries! Math Bites!  I’m suspicious of this.  Increasing the participation of girls in science and math in the face of stereotype harm and the president of …


The United States: Where Men are Men and Women are Girls

I spent an unhealthy amount of my Peace Corps time in Tanzania fantasizing about that magical land, the U.S., where all the roads are paved and the internet video streams at 360p and above.  Sure, I remembered that it was a sexist racist place, but it was a distant sort …

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Science Sunday: Eavesdropping on Computers for Fun and Profit

Some researchers in Israel analyzed the noises a computer was making and used that to analyze exactly what the CPU was doing!  Acoustic cryptoanalysis is a thing now!  This is one of the coolest papers I’ve ever read.  The gist is as follows: As CPUs do differing work they require differing levels …


Customary Introductory Post

  Hello everyone!  I’m a shiny new writer for Teen Skepchick!  Unlike Grimalkin, I don’t have a shiny new post to accompany my shiny introduction, but will introduce myself anyway.   My name’s Beth and I’m a recently returned volunteer from Peace Corps Tanzania.  It’s very odd being back in …